Strataglass® Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance, Rinse thoroughly!  Wash with mild soap.  

Each time you use the boat, flush the curtains thoroughly with clear water to rinse away any salt or environmental abrasives.  Air dry or use a high quality chamois or a microfiber towel. 

Note to the new Strataglass Owner: New clear vinyl products are soft and easily impressionable. We recommend that new Strataglass enclosures panels should be in the installed position and fastened securely to the boat as much as possible. If the new curtains need to be removed and stacked, the enclosure panels should be carefully interleafed with a soft fabric such as a bed sheet.  Clear vinyl will inherently strengthen over time and become less impressionable.   When the boat is not in use, always close and fasten the Strataglass enclosure panels in place to prolong the life of your curtains and maintain clarity.

To properly clean and maintain your Strataglass products we recommend using Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish and follow product directions.  Use of non-authorized cleaners or protectants may damage the Strataglass.

Strataglass features VueShield™ a highly engineered scratch resistant coating technology that prevents fine line scratches from normal use, washing, drying, rolling up and down and abrasion from roll-up straps. The coating also adds UV protection and protects from environmental fallout.

ALWAYS use Strataglas Protective Cleaner to immediately remove harmful liquids, sunscreen, creams, chemicals or sprays that contact the Strataglass surface.  It is important to store a bottle of Strataglass protective cleaner on the boat for spot cleaning.